Our First Wedding: Sabah & Nakib

During our initial business meeting, front and center on the agenda was the discussion of how we could acquire business; that elusive first client who would entrust us with one of the most important days of their lives.

Shortly after that meeting, we began telling our friends and family that we had started a side business. Not even two weeks had passed when, our friend Megha, who designs beautiful Indian clothes (see below), referred us to a couple who was looking for a planner. We couldn’t believe how fast an opportunity fell on our plate.

Enter: Sabah & Nakib. We took that first meeting and were up front and honest about our experience- we had none. But we promised them that we would make them our sole priority, investing all our time and energy into making sure things ran seamlessly on their big day. Ultimately they decided to give us a shot, and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say there were some nerves on whether we could deliver.

In the month leading up to their wedding we spent time going through all the details, constructing timelines and speaking to vendors. They kept reiterating to us that their friends were a lot of fun and they just wanted everyone to have a good time.  It all came together fast and before we knew their wedding weekend arrived. We put on coordinated outfits, printed our ultra-revised timeline and got to work.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We had to hand it to them: they picked a wonderful team of vendors who executed on their vision. But it was also a lot of fun; their friends did indeed bring a lot of energy.  Behind the scenes we were working every minute to ensure that the day was going according to plan. Having planned my own wedding, I knew it was a lot of work, but knowing what goes on behind the scenes was another story! It took two whole days to gain feeling back in my feet!

What we will most remember about their day was the undeniable love for one another.  It was the kind of love and protectiveness we could feel from the first meeting until the last few minutes of the reception. It was touching to see a groom be so attentive to his wife-to-be. In fact, one of the only things he asked of us on that day was to continually make sure she was doing alright. And when he jumped up to join in a choreographed dance to surprise her, the look on her face said it all. It was truly a pleasure to work with a couple who not only cared deeply for one another, but also cared about their friends and guests who were there to celebrate with them. And they were beyond appreciative of our work and took the time, repeatedly, to tell us so.

That’s when we decided that this the type of couple we want to work with—intelligent, classy, caring and genuine. Sabah & Nakib, we hope that your first year of marriage has been wonderful and we are forever grateful that you gave us a chance! Cheers!

You can read more about their wedding featured in South Asian Bride Magazine!


Photography: Jamie Howell Photography

Decor: Events in Style by Beenish

Catering: Café Bombay

DJ: GTB Produtions

Video: Timepiece Media

Attire: Megha Ramani

Hair: Bride & Bristle

Makeup: Theresa Stone