Today we're bringing you some answers to some questions that we've actually been asked by both prospective and current clients as well as family and friends, all while shamelessly plugging our services! Hey, if you can't advertise on your own blog…

 What is it that you do?

 I'm starting with the hardest question first. The truth is, even through our best efforts to itemize what services we will offer in our proposal to clients, it is hard to explain because there is no way to anticipate all the things that come up during the planning process and the wedding itself. But once we are on the job, we are ON IT. Our goal is always to produce a finished product that is what the clients envisioned and something we can be proud of. So whether we are there from the time you're searching for venues or step in on the day of, we are looking at every single aspect.

The hardest thing is to itemize is what happens on the wedding day. There have been weddings, where we vetoed the lighting scheme as it was being set up, created additional seating because the couple did not account for all of their guests, directed the decorator to add a runner in aisle so the bride wouldn't be in the mud, set up the ceremony space as the procession was arriving, calmed down the property manager after he found out there was illegal alcohol on the property, and the list goes on… Essentially we are project managers and we micro-manage in the best way possible. Often times our couples don’t know what we’re doing behind the scenes and that’s just how we like it.

 What would you do differently than if I planned my wedding myself?

 The biggest difference between a couple planning their own wedding and us stepping in, is that we have experience on our side. We can anticipate a lot of different scenarios because we've lived it!

 We also plan weddings with the guest experience in mind. What couples may not often realize is that the rhythm of each event is so IMPORTANT to the overall feel of the wedding. When we create our down-to-the-minute timelines, we are making sure that things run on time and that they make sense. When things run smoothly, guests can really bring the fun and energy, which after all, is what this celebration is all about!

 And finally, we also take a lot off your plate. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming to say the least. But we want the journey to be fun, too! And while stress is inevitable, having a fun friend (yes, we become your friends- or so we like to think) on your side, advocating for you and getting you what you want, the process seems a little less daunting. The common thread between all our clients thus far is they’ve all told us they were not stressed on their wedding day. That alone, makes us feel worthwhile.

 Where do you store your inventory?

Here's the thing, we aren't decorators. And although we do provide design services, we don't actually provide any florals or décor. What we do is find you the best possible team to execute y[our] vision.

Photo by:  Jamie Howell

Photo by: Jamie Howell

 Why should I hire you guys?

That was the first tough question we faced during our first client meeting. At the time, we scrambled to get our elevator pitch together in a pinch, but our message really has not changed over time. We take on a limited amount of clients a year and we really focus on you. We care just as much about the experience as the finished product. Our vibe (as the kids are calling it these days) is to provide the feel that you're working with a friend. We are approachable, reliable and responsive. And maybe putting this energy out into the universe has made us lucky enough to work with couples who are down to earth and understand what is important, thus making it an enjoyable process for all of us.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

 While we are constantly creating lists of vendors who we like, based on our experience working with them and/or their aesthetic, we don't have a "preferred vendor list." That means we want to get you know you as a couple and what you like and build an event based on that, instead of pushing our own agenda and re-creating the same wedding repeatedly..

Image by:  Vitor Lindo

Image by: Vitor Lindo

 You have full-time jobs, families, dogs, etc. When do you have the time to do this?!

Good question. The truth is, we find the time, with the help of very supportive partners, because we love it. We both have jobs that can be a pretty serious and real at times. For us, it's a great escape to be working on something that should be bringing joy! My husband always jokes, "you're stressed so you decided to take on weddings?!" But meeting new people, being creative, making lists and problem solving is fun for us. We're also great friends, so working together is the best excuse for us to hang out!

 What does it cost to…

Let me stop you right there. The range on weddings is incredibly expansive which makes it hard to answer that question. So I promise, we're not just copping out when we say: let's talk. We don't have a minimum spend and are willing to work with a variety of vendors, so will try to find you someone in your price range or tell you your vision and budget don’t match. But in a super nice way.  We can help you put together a comprehensive budget based on your priorities and go from there.

 But first, you have to hire us. (Shameless, right?)